Expedition trips

An expedition is a two-week study- and ‘do’ trip for a group of 8-10 students and two teachers. An expedition from Picaflor International is an accessible way to get to know a developing country: It’s a well mapped program, fits into the curriculum of the educational program and engages both the student and the teacher. A strength of Picaflor is personal guidance, both in The Netherlands and during the expedition abroad.

Collaboration schools

A foreign experience expands one’s boundaries: it expands the student’s worldview, the view of themselves...

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Expeditions South-America

Expedition Bolivia

Will you join us on Expedition Bolivia? That’s awesome! You’re on the cusp of creating a meaningful experience: You’re going to explore an unfamiliar country, experience their culture...

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Soon there will be a new Expedition. Maybe you're going to explore Mexico or one of the other countries in South-America.

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Do you work at a school that is ready to expand their view on the world? Picaflor international will gladly contribute ideas! 

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