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Is your school looking for a meaningful international internship for your students? Picaflor International has great internships at acknowledged local (social) organizations and more.

Picaflor will help you recruit and select students. We find suitable projects that fit the qualifications of your education. We also organize the guidance before, during and after the internship. This way we take the work off your hands and the students can get the most out of their experience abroad! On this page you can get a sneak peek into the projects that Picaflor International works with.

Preparation in The Netherlands


Informative meetings for the students, parents, and teachers


Recruiting and selecting students


Group meetings students focused on language, culture, assignments and sponsoring


Lining up international projects



Introduction on internship and accommodation


Weekly progress interviews for the students


24/7 available contact

Back in The Netherlands


Finalizing meeting including students’ presentations


Individual personal reflecting interview

The projects


Women’s shelter & kids

This small-scale project is a community of women (with their children) that have endured difficult personal situations. The project organizes cooking workshops under supervision of these women. They also offer catering services in Cochabamba with a healthy menu made of local products.


Private school

A great job working in a Bolivian private school in the south of Cochabamba with a friendly family-like atmosphere! The school is expanding their curriculum with more classes in English. So, all classes you will give - English or sports - will be taught in English. And that will help you improve your Spanish as well!

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